Hello and Why I Am Here…

Hello and Why I Am Here…

Hello to anyone out there that gives this a read.  If you have ever had a “rare disease” you  might find yourself in the same position I am in.  Everyone understands what cancer is, what a heart attack or stroke means, it’s easy to know that someone has broken a leg when they have a cast on.  I tell people I had brain surgery because I had an AVM in my left temporal lobe and I get a lot of blank stares and comments about how good I look now.  I do look good, you would never know there was anything wrong with me and that’s because my damage is literally all in my head.

My surgery was nearly a year ago now, but I still have some lingering affects and I really don’t know if they will ever go away.  The brain is an amazing thing, but when it doesn’t work the way it used to, life becomes a struggle.  I have issues at times with my short-term memory, problems with noise, having conversations with people, both in person and especially on the phone, can be a challenge.  Seizures are still happening.  Anxiety was a bit of a problem for me prior to my surgery, but now it has really kicked in and I believe there is a some depression as well.

So, I started this blog to share what an AVM(Arteriovenous Malformation) is and what I have been through since it was found and removed.  I jumped in full force a few weeks ago with posts and after reading them, they didn’t make enough sense to me, so they were removed and I am starting over new.  I hope to give you some information on AVM’s, who has them, where they come from, how people live with them.  I also want to share my story, what it’s like to have brain surgery, any brain injury really, and how life can change.

I am open to comments and questions along the way, so feel free.  Thanks for your time.

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