Gratitude – To those that have kept me here…

Gratitude – To those that have kept me here…

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

When you have health problems, you realize you need help.  It comes from doctors, nurses, hospital staff, family and friends.  Some problems are easily taken care of, but there are others that never go a way.  This is when gratitude comes along.

I had open heart surgery in 2001 along with an angiogram to put in a stent and then I had brain surgery in 2016, so I have seen doctors for years.  It’s never fun, it doesn’t always feel good, but I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t take care of me.  I can’t count the number of doctors, nurses, EMT’s and hospital staff I have seen over the years.  They often don’t know me, but they do their best to make sure I am well and I will always be thankful to each and every one of them.

My friends and family have kept my spirits up, given me rides when I can’t drive, sent me gifts and cards, and have just kept me sane through things I would rather not always deal with.  Some of them put up with my crappy attitude when I have a bad day and never give me a hard time about it.  They will always have my gratitude.

I’ve learned that life is short and everyone deserves your attention if they are willing to give you a hand. Many people don’t show gratitude when they should.  They just want things and expect them with no thanks given.  I sometimes wonder if they have ever seen the side of life that isn’t easy.

Gratitude – I will always show it to others.

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