Losing a close friend

Losing a close friend



My blog is supposed to be about me dealing with my recovery from brain surgery.  I’m trying to come up with things, but continue to get stuck.  I am scrapping my brain injury today simply because I am having a really difficult time with the loss of my cousin last week.  It was sudden and very unexpected, so I’m still at a loss.

We are one year apart in age and basically grew up together.  We lived in different towns, but were close enough that we got together all the time.  We worked at three different jobs together, went out on weekends, were in each others weddings and our kids even get along.

I think I always assumed as we lost our older relatives we would carry on with the traditions of getting together for holidays and keep our families close.  She was the one that was into planning and making sure everyone was involved.  I don’t know how to go about doing those things now.

She was that person that was involved in her community, her church, her kids schools activities.  It was obvious she was respected and cared for because of the turnout for her funeral.  I’m not sure if there was an empty seat or a dry eye in her church.

I know everyone has a person like this they are close to, but this is my time to grieve for the one person I expected to be there until we were old and gray.  To my cousin and friend, I hope I can pick up where you have left off and make the world look a little better like you always managed to do.

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